Hurun Report (胡润百富) x Luxury Listings Awards

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April 29th, 2022
Vancouver Convention Center
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The “Forbes” of China — Hurun Report is making the move from Asia to North America with ambitious plans and gala events themed around real estate, technology, and finance.

Hurun Report is well-known for their lists of the world's wealthiest, making it on Hurun Report's radar is like receiving an Oscar nomination in the world of Asian business. Hurun North America foresees annual gala events to recognize the top players in multiple verticals. The events have not only brought professionals in their industries together to recognize the best of the best, but also facilitates discussions between rival companies, allowing for a shared vision of growth for a collective area of ​​interest and even collaborations.

On April 29th, 2022 at the Hurun Canada Summit 2022, attended by over a thousand individuals from the worlds of real estate, technology, and finance, has the potential to reshape Canadian business opportunities for the next decade.

The morning portion of the event brought attention to the thousand-person Wealth Forum with speakers from over 20 companies including Concord Pacific, The Agency, Keltic Development, CIBC, LEDN, Enoch Wealth, and startups with business founders under the age of 30.

The evening portion focused on the Awards Banquet bringing together top real estate developers and the most out-standing realtors in Canada; Additionally, many Canadian-based entrepreneurs and investment firms attended as well. Some who attended are well-known "unicorns" and "gazelles", entrepreneurs on the Hurun Global Rich List, businesses, as well as cultural and philanthropic figures from the local mainstream and Chinese communities in Canada.

Luxury Listings is the first to partner with Hurun, in order to bring Canadian real estate professionals and developers household names to the largest Chinese audience in the world. Luxury Listings is proud to be uniting the best of the best in the industry under one roof.

At the dinner gala, a series of lists under Luxury Listings x Hurun Real Estate Awards were released as below:

Realtor Award Categories

Most Outstanding Realtors In Canada
Canadian Realtors to Watch

Developer Award Categories

Most Outstanding Developers In Canada
Best Single Family Home Above 10M
Best Single Family Home Below 10M

Most Outstanding Realtors In Canada 2021

Canadian Realtors To Watch 2021

Most Outstanding Real Estate Developers in Canada 2021

Best Single Family Home Below 10 Million 2021

Best Single Family Home Above 10 Million 2021

Event Sponsorship

Much gratitude to all the sponsors of Hurun Canada Summit 2022 !

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Hurun Report x Luxury Listings Awards  Night on April 29th.
What is HURUN?
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Hurun is a research, media and investments group that has been promoting entrepreneurship since 1999. Established in the UK, Hurun also has a major presence in China, India, France, USA, Australia, Japan, Canada and Luxembourg. In 2020, Hurun generated 8 billion combined views online and offline, up 50% year on year, on the back of providing lists and research reports. They are also the first foreign media company to be endorsed by the Chinese Government since 1999, introducing the infamous Hurun Top 100 Rich List. With over 22 years of experience in China and 6 years globally, 2021 is the year Hurun officially entered the North American market.

Visit for more info.

Can I sponsor the event?
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Yes! As a proud sponsor of the Hurun America Summit and American Real Estate Awards, you will have the opportunity to boost your visibility through event booths, event tickets to connect with the industry, editorial content in the Hurun Report Chinese Magazine, and so much more. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Miyo at to get started.

What are the requirements to apply as a nominee?
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Applicants are required to have at least two years of experience in their current role in real estate. The only exception is Rookies of the Year, which has a maximum of two years.

What are the evaluation criteria to win a realtor award?
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All awards for realtors will factor sales and listings from October 2020 to September 2021. To win any categories, applicants are required to provide commentary and documentation that demonstrates their success under the following categories, which will be fact-checked by Hurun and Luxury Listings.

The top 30 realtors in Canada, defined as the most outstanding real estate agents, based on total sales volume for the last 2 years (January 2020 to December 2021) and career to date, the significance of the sales in the past 24 months,  social media influence, community contributions, and the innovative approach the real estate agent has demonstrated in real estate sales and marketing.

The realtors shortlisted for "The Most Outstanding Realtors in Canada 2021 " have an average sales of up to 250 million Canadian dollars in 2020-2021, with the highest sales exceeding the 700 million Canadian dollars.
* The total sales volume is NOT the only criteria.

What are the evaluation criteria to win a developer award?
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Awards for developers include residential and commercial. To win any categories, developers must provide commentary and documentation that demonstrates their success under the following categories that will be fact-checked by Hurun and Luxury Listings.

Top 30 Developers in Canada, defined as residential and commercial developers with a commitment to quality, design, sustainability, and the creation of community.

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